Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Women in Male dominated jobs Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Women in Male dominated jobs - Essay ExampleIn the United States, job positions that ar iconic representation of male-domination include positions of Secretary of State and directorship of federal institutions. Since US gained independence in 1776, 68 persons have occupied the Secretary of States office (Smith, 23). Expectedly, 3 out of the total 68 occupants were female, while the rest were male. In this context, a ration of 653 in terms of male and female office occupants respectively is a symbol of female underrepresentation in executive fields.Technically, underrepresentation of women in high positions is not without causes. Among the common causes of female underrepresentation include gender discrimination, and limited self-importance asseveration within the female population. Traditionally, sex and power have an intricate relationship. Every social club believes that women are emotionally weak, and lacks capability for objective judgments. This misconception explains why in the United States, women were not allowed to work and were expected to ride out at home performing household chores. After the feminism period in the 1960s, the American society reluctantly invited women into the nations workforce (Lindsey and Martin, 90). Because of the structured gender discrimination, women lacked adequate education hence could not be promoted into leadership positions. This element of inadequate education caused a corresponding limited self affirmation among women. In this regard, the synergistic effect of gender discrimination coupled with limited self affirmation propagated hyponymy of women in the labor force to date.Fortunately, liberation of women not only invited the female gender into workplaces but in addition laid the foundation for progressive transition of women in male dominated fields. Inasmuch as women are calm underrepresented today, it emerges that the female gender has moved up the leadership ladder with time. Gradual entry of

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