Thursday, May 9, 2019

Report on marine engineering industry in the uk Coursework

Report on naval engineering industriousness in the uk - Coursework Examplemillion and total employees exceeding 410,000, it is the leading marine sector across europium it outshines aerospace, automotive and agricultural sectors (Stem Choices 2010). This report explores the marine engineering sector of United Kingdom covering application trends, development opportunities, development constraints and main players.Marine sector encompasses numerous activities ranging from sub-se technology to shipping, aquaculture to ports, commercial fishing to empurpled navy and leisure to maritime financial and legal services (Smith, H. & Lalwani 1999 398). These activities can be divided into four subsectors relative to marine engineering activities namely marine resource-based, marine-related equipment and service, marine operations and shipping and marine musical arrangement design and construction. Marine resource-based sub-sector involves activities for recovery of marine resources such a s seabed mining and oil and shove along exploration (Taylor 2013). Marine-related equipment and service sub-sector involves manufacture of equipment and provision of supportive services for marine activities they include machinery, marine electronics, packet development and instrumentation (Tooley 2012 2-7). Marine operations and shipping sub-sector involves activities such as waste disposal and dredging whereas marine system design and construction involve coastal and offshore engineering and design, construction and design of ships (Tooley 2012 2-7).UK is among the study countries leading in boat building sector across the globe. There has been a shift in preference in the market from sailing yachts to motor yachts hence booming of the powerboat sector of which UK holds a significant assign some UK motor boat builders recoded a minimum of 90% of their production (SEEDA 2007). Also, take up from China and Russia have driven high the demand of superyacht. Further, marine equipm ent industry boasts a good share of the world market (Highley et al. 2007) however, it faces stiff

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