Sunday, May 5, 2019

Figurative language versus literal language Essay - 1

Figurative verbiage versus literal language - Essay ExampleAnalogy is an inference conveyed from one person to a nonher. It is essential in solving problems (Saeed, 2003). For example, the statement I feel like a fish out of water direction that a person is not at ease in the situation. The example fits where a person is not conversant with his setting. The example may be construe communicating with a person with low intellect.A metaphor refers to a figure of speech that explains a matter by declaring that it is, when compared, similar with a distinguishable thing. For example, success is a sense of achievement, it is not an illegitimate child is a statement employed to run the view that people want to be accredited for a successful situation through movement or coincidence, and reject it when it fails (Crystal, 1997). The example is significant when developing a project and it may be misunderstood after the outcome of a situation.A simile is an expression that precisely compare s dissimilar components, frequently by using as or like (Jackendoff, 1997). For example, cute as a kitten may be used to compare the similarities between a persons appearance and a kittens appearance. The example may be used to describe a child. It may be misunderstood when explaining expression or physical appearance.A clich is a figure of speech that begins with an intelligent statement that turns out to be familiar. It highlights an idea or action which is predictable or expected on the basis of a earlier happening (Crystal, 1997). For example, time will tell. This asserts there will be a revelation over time. It is appropriate when a person is keeping secrets. The example may lead to a misunderstanding during a translation.Amphiboly is a confusing grammatical composition within an extremely brief conversation or sentence (Jackendoff, 1997). For example, teenagers should not be permitted to party. It is becoming unsafe on the streets. The example is appropriate where adults ar e

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