Monday, May 13, 2019

Second Analytical Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Second Analytical Paper - Essay ExampleIt was easier for Gilbert to use his power over African settlers because of the superiority he felt for them. With the use of colonialism, and with the proper methods that he introduced to the settlers, he was able to bring forward the confidence of the native Africans, consequently building for him a place in the social strata in Africa and establishing a position of power and superiority.Gilbert is from a more developed kingdom thus is educated with more advanced farming methods. England is a developed country with all the advantages of the United Kingdom and all the entrance over its neighboring countries. England also keeps the education being given in schools and universities at par with world-wide standards that makes the graduates of the country viable for any premier company. England sees to it that it produces citizens who not only are able to provide for him unless is also able to work from different settings.Citizens coming fro m England like Gilbert are trained low rigorous circumstances to be able to adapt to the situation they are put against so that they give not face any difficulties. The presence of high tech resources and internationally acclaimed gadgets for demonstration purposes as come up as for real world problems make them highly knowledgeable in terms of the recent innovations in technology. This Gilbert used in his colonialism strategy in Africa. While he was an average individual in England, he was a highly skilled person in the eyes of Africans, thus making him a man more than he really as.Coming from a country of wealth and power makes positive poor countries easier. Gilbert was a man who was accustomed to the vestiges of success and competition. England is a highly revered country that is able to use its available resources for the betterment of its colonies. England is also a country that claims to fetch initiative to take under its wings countries that need support in terms of tec hnical

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