Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Impact of Bankers Bonuses on the Economy Research Paper

Impact of Bankers Bonuses on the economy - investigate Paper ExampleA qualitative analysis would be conducted in order to effectuate the fair games of this seek study, for which both primary as well as collateral data would be collected. The secondary data would be collected through authentic print as well as online sources, while for collecting primary data a focus group interview would be conducted among 10 respondents.The impressive collapse of pecuniary institutions and banks has raised questions that link the bank executives and the payments that they received for their performance. Thomas Philippon and Ariell Reshef in their research subject had mentioned that in the year 2000, the salary that the executives received in the banking sector were augmented by about 40 percent, in spite of having the same qualification (Fox, 2009). They were also offered stocks and other equity options in order to eliminate their practice of short-termism. It was found that the level of pay of the executives increased dramatically in comparison to the non-executives (The Independent, 2009). Standard & pitiable 500 stated that the average total pay of the CEOs has increased to 10.5 million during the year 2008 from $850,000 in the 1970s. 1.2 Research Problem The research problem revolves around bankers fillip and its effect on the economy. This is because it was found that even during the economic crisis when the banks were collapsing, their bankers were receiving the hefty bonus for their performance, which is an underlying cause of financial crisis. 1.3 Research Aim and Objective The aim of this research paper is to identify the relationship between bankers bonus and the global economy. In order to fulfill this aim, the objective of the researcher would be to analyze the payment structure in the banking sector, which also includes the bonus. Secondly, the cause and effect of bonus payment on the financial status of the banks during the financial crisis would be also examined. Thirdly, the issues would be identified in order to present the wrong practices if any in this regard. 1.4 Research Questions The research questions have been formulated in line with the aims and objectives of this research study they are stated below Q1 Did the bankers receive a bonus during the financial downturn? If yes, then how much? Q2 What was the financial status of the banks which distributed bonus to its executives? Q3 What payment of bonus to bankers an underlying land which added to the financial crisis? Bankers bonuses are awarded to the workers in the banking and finance industry, which was traditionally paid at the end of the year with the heading of rewarding employees. This was a way to appreciate their contribution to the growth and development of the organization. However, the present scenario of bankers bonus female genitalia be better explained through Peter Duckers words. He stated that when the bosses themselves get over indulged in the corp orate trough, they tend to lose respect in the organization.

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