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This go around trading floor Is about(predicate) a guidebook writer called Nouvelle who recomm devastations great areas In Nepal for spending holidays. When uncover arrives to Nepal he had a romantic idea of their standard of living. Which is clear in the passage were he memorizing The group of mass were ga at that placed about the fire, their faces lit by the warm glow of flames. Like a painting. A painting, yes, he would use that. (P. L l. 10- 14) When the main character, expose, has elect to use the word painting here, it is to illustrate that the human beings and the disposition is in harmony.In the passage mention earlier, in which Unveiled are memorizing, his attention to detail and way of ascribing it, is very much similar to that of a picture of the romantic age. Unveiled also has a romantic idea of the macrocosm in this are where the story take place. This is shown after the breakfast where he philosophizes about the difference surrounded by his own world and the people in it, along with this new complete strange world he has arrived in. Unveiled felt a kind of awe of these people. They were like saints.The warmth they had shown him a complete terra incognita had been remarkable regular(a) by the high standards of hospitality he had encountered In this remote area of Nepal. How corticofugal from his own world, spoilt and depraved. Where people wallowed In their greed. When Unveiled mentions these people as saints he compares them to something very sacredly therefore he gives them a delve status compared to his own people back home. When Unveiled has chosen to make this comparison he creates a greater gap between two cultures.And In this typesetters case a gap between the third world countries and the Industrialized and the rich part of the world. The setting in this brusque story plays an important role because the nature and the atmosphere around Unveiled make him wonder. The ill-judged(p) story takes place, as Unveiled ascribe s it, in a place almost similar to paradise. l en calm Ana Eden a steep one, out ten location was spectacular . Nine resoluteness clung to a steep slope. Below the land fell away dizzyingly into the main valley. Above, it steeped into a sharply pourboire s promptlyflake, like a yaks horn. (P. 3. L. 4-67) Later on he refers directly to a paradise, when he use the little word paradise. He could see white peaks far away in the distance, shimmering, mysterious. A paradise. A curst paradise (P. 4 1. 104-105) Matthew Knell has chosen to use the negative minded word doomed in front of he positive word paradise, it could be to illustrate that behind everything beautiful there is something bad waiting for you. On the other progress to it might be a reference to the change world in which he grew up. Earlier in the short story the reader gets the impression that Unveiled is trying to escape from something.And that something could easily be the industrialized world. Where teenagers goa ded and attacked old people for pleasure. Where children were non gumshoe from molesters. Where wives left their husbands without warning and conscience. As had Inveigles own wife. No, here was something wiser, better (p. L. 41-44) This is some personal experience from his earlier background, which is based on the industrialized world and how some persons act, learn and live in the Western Society. Unveiled is afraid that these friendly and kindly people in Draught will end up the aforementioned(prenominal) way as his own people.This again emphasizes Inveigles romantic ideas of these people in the village. And this medallion in the story is a symbol of the good and evil. If Unveiled accepts this present the people in Draught will end up like the people in the rich part of the world because of the tourism. It is almost as the apple from the Garden of Eden. In the end of the story Inveigles romantic ideas faces the harsh reality and this comes as a admiration for him. When he tri es to explain, he realizes that these people from the village in Draught are not stupid and naive, even though they are underdeveloped. Whit tourist money we can pay a doctor to impose sometimes. Also a teacher. If the children learn this place and go to Katmandu ( ) And then you say you will not put us your book (P. 6 L. 199-204) Now Unveiled knows that these people have known the trueness from the start, and that they have played and use his own romantic ideas against him. And now his awe for Hess people are altogether gone, because his romantic ideas was not as he thought they would be. Which is very clear at the end of the short story Only when he was clear of the house did he glance back.He could see no figures at all, only the wall of the buildings, linked together, closed. Up ahead were the white peaks he had noticed before. But now they were antithetical (P. 8 L. 247-250) In tans process master Nouvelle tries to Dread Tree Trot Nils 010 Testily Ana winner en meets this n ew culture and nature he is absolutely fascinated by he learns something about how every human being thinks after all. We all hunger after the name things. His romantic ideas of these villages in Nepal are Jus utopian ideas.He thought that these people were friendly and kindly to him without any ulterior motives and then he discovered that the motive was money and development. And money and development was that something Unveiled was trying to break free from. This short story gives a good example off two different cultures, which take two different positions in connection with money. In the one hand it is about surviving on the other hand it is about material benefits. Some of the messages in Paradise are globalization, tourism and the question is money a good or a bad thing?

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