Thursday, April 18, 2019

THINKING HISTORICAL ASSIGNMENT Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

THINKING HISTORICAL ASSIGNMENT - Essay ExampleMoreover, President Wilsons decision was primarily promptd by the Germanys resumption of submarine attacks on passengers and merchant ships in the year 1917.As a result of subsequent attacks on unarmed passenger ships by the German army, the united states was obliged to set certain terms and conditions that would prohibit this act. This treaty is called Sussex pledge. Violation of this agreement by the German government primarily motivated the United States entry in World War 1. The soldiery leadership in Germany was however convinced that resumption of unrestricted submarine warfare would enable it to bolt down the British within five months, thus they went forward and violated the pledge.However, this decision was conflicted by Theobald von Bethmann-Hollweg. He claimed that impact of the pledge would motivate the American government Participate in the war on behalf of the Allies and he claimed that this would result in the German de feat in the war. Thus the common memory is reinforced since the trespass of the pledge resulted in United States entry into the World War 1.The U.S. propaganda with the picture of a lady was meant to motivate women to contributed money that would sustain and give upkeep to the army. It had the following writings on it WOMEN OF AMERICA SAVE YOUR demesne Buy WAR SAVINGS STAMPS. This message was conveyed by the treasury department of United States America. Thus, propaganda uses a proficiency that appeals for emotion. The propaganda was however been successful since women were not involved in the war directly so they hard to software documentation their countrys army financially. The technique employed by the propaganda appeals for emotion thus obliging women to support the country. The propaganda was successful due to the fact that the American army received support in varied form, alter from wheat to money while on the war front.War propaganda definitely played a profound role i n World War 1 for most

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