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Kelloggs The Market Leader Of Cereals Marketing Essay

Kelloggs The commercialize Leader Of Cereals selling EssayThe purpose of this bailiwick is that to let the readers spang the challenges and competition in Cereal and Snacks of UK and rest of the world. This report is sculptured on Kelloggs the food securities industry loss leader of cereal grass and breakfast industry of UK. This report consists of coiffe union analysis using SWOT* analysis, PESTEL** analysis and using selling 4 ps*** and Porter Five Forces to highlight the industry. The objective of the report is to bring outline the merchandising jut of Kelloggs and then critically evaluate the send off making the recommendations. Further then this report is going to highlight effects of technology on Kelloggs operations and how Kelloggs is benefiting from tonic media i.e Internet. The end of the report roughly focus is upon the Kelloggs Sustainability plan and recommendations for gain ground improvements.Marketing is the management process of Identifying, antici pating and meet guest unavoidably and requirements profitably. Chartered Institute of MarketingSo the chief(prenominal) functions of marketing is to Identify and Anticipate what ar the needs and wants of the customer and analysing what the competitors ar providing at the moment and what further new and better mathematical product and dish out the Organisation raise bequeath. The Main aim here is to know and gain the customer so well that product or service fits thence to customer requirements and sells itself. Secondly the important aim of marketing is to accomplish the customer. So the companies provide the combination of products and services to fill the needs and wants of the customers.Kotler describes marketing as the process by which companies earn abide by for customers and general anatomy strong relationships in order to capture value from customers in return. To do this successfully, firms need to knocker a culture of market orientation and put the customer at the forefront of everything they do. Communication of the marketing strategy and plan across the governing plays a vital part in making this happen.Philips kotlerThere is misconception among the mountain that marketing is all about advertising and selling i.e. Telling and selling, although they are important but they are only the tip the marketing iceberg. marketing and telling occurs subsequently the product is complete and ready to launch to market, in contrast marketing starts long before the company has a product. Marketing is all about assessing the needs of consumers, measure their extend intensity and foreshadow whether there is a profit luck exist. Marketing is of such wideness that is continues from the product development to market withdrawal, and its important function during this period is to check new customers and keep the current customers locked in by improving product appeal and performance and giving customer a good after sales service with constant pro duct updates. According to the Marketing guru putz Drucker, The Aim of marketing is to make selling unnecessary this is done by understanding the customers so well that the product and service sells itself.Marketing is a five footstep processUnderstanding the Marketplace and Customer needs and wantsDesign Customer-Driven StrategyConstruct a Marketing Programme that delivers A-one value.Build Profitable relationship and customer delightCapture assess from customer in return.Kotler one of the famous Marketing author describes marketing as a Process by which companies create value to the customers and build a strong relation in order to capture value from customers in return in the form of Current and future sales, market portion and profits. Companies should provide good quality service and superior products to customers to satisfy them and in return win customer loyalty and future sales. To create value for the customer the company should have a Customer-driven marketing strateg y and the customer driven strategy looks upon two basic questions, What customers willing we serving and how can we serve these customers best. The company must first decide who it will serve, for this company divides the market into segments and selects the segment it will go for. After selecting the fanny customer then company decides how they are going to differentiate and dress itself in the marketplace. One important role of marketing is that to lock the customer with continuous good quality service and to provide innovative products at regular intervals and once the customer is locked in, and then most important step is to build a profitable customer relationship.KelloggsAbout Kelloggs Kelloggs is a cock-a-hoop player in the world of Breakfast and produces more than three out of 10 packets eaten in UK. Kelloggs has 42% of UK market character, this makes Kelloggs a market leader and in 2009 it was Britains biggest grocery selling brand with sales of 550 million and spher ical sales of nearly 12 billion. Kelloggs products are manufactured in 18 countries and marketed in more than 180 countries and it employs around 32000 employees. The Company Products including cookies, crackers, toaster pastries, cereal bars, fruit-flavored snacks, frozen waffles and veggie foods. Kelloggs markets its products under a variety of brands include strain Krispies, Special K and Nutri-Grain. wad and MissionKellogg Companys Vision and Mission statements mend our focus upon sustainable growth, our broadened definition of social responsibility and the true authority of our company our people and our brands.Our Vision encompasses the full spectrum of our stakeholders including share admiters, employees, customers, consumers and communities. Our Mission articulates where we are as a company to daytime and where we wish to be in the future.Our Vision and Mission do not stand alone. They are integrated with our cerebrate strategy and operating principles as well as the fo undations of our business our K Values, people and commitment to social responsibility.http//www.kelloggcompany.comKelloggs Marketing Plan and StrategiesThe cereal behemoth Kelloggs being the Market leader in the world of breakfast has plans to further increase its market share with the help of new innovative products and new marketing campaigns. Kelloggs chief marketing officer Mark Baynes said in an marketing Magazine We are aiming to create a team inspired, fit and enabled to drive stronger returns in this increasingly complex consumer landscape. As per Mark Baynes the company marketing plan is to drive stronger returns in the complex business milieu as last year Kelloggs reported six per cent subside in the earnings in the third quarter, which is because of increasing competition in the cereal industry, General mills, cling to being the biggest competitor of Kelloggs followed by quaker Oats.So the main Marketing and Business plan of Kelloggs is toLeadership in product de butStrengthening the companys seven largest market segmentsContinuing to lessen the Cost and increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the business processesInvesting in new product research and brand building activitiesThinking ethically and environmentally.SWOT epitomeThe SWOT analysis is an analysis of the companys current position in the light of its strengths, weakness, opportunity and threats.Kelloggs StrengthsKelloggs biggest strength comes from its 42% market share and being market leaderBrand is fully recognised by the customers and the retailers.Providing Quality innovative products with the support of proper marketing campaigns and sound scattering channels.High product demand gives Kelloggs main shelf space in the shops and Retailer like ASDA, TESCO etc.Kelloggs have products targeting childrens, teenagers, adult and even the elders. This gives Kelloggs composition of proving products for everyone.Social Responsibility Kelloggs welcomes social responsibility and notes the environment, advocating healthy life geniuss, and promoting diversity as its main responsibilities.Kelloggs WeaknessSlow erosion in Global market share as competitors like Nestle and Wheatabix are providing new and stinting valued products.Kelloggs has many demographically different customers which mean many different focuses. This whitethorn cause a conflict when it comes to public opinionKelloggs OpportunitiesKelloggs can slowly diversify and still remain into their core business. This could further increase their advantageousness and market growth.There can further increase their market share and growth by using better pricing strategy.Major opportunity for Kelloggs is to provide health and more organic products as customers are looking for for healthier life-style.Kelloggs ThreatsRetailers like ASDA, Tesco are so powerful that they have created their own brand of cereals and corn flakes. Providing cheaper and better quality alternative products.The world miserlines s is suffering, so customers prefer economical n cheap products. Kelloggs charging premium prices can hinder in its growth.Competition in the market is increasing day by day as many companies like Quarters , Nestle wheata bix and other brands are coming with new and healthy breakfast products, this increases thrust on kelloggs to provide even better products with honest price.PEST ANALYSISPoliticalSocial health Consciousfast paced Life style obesityKelloggs 4 PsThe main objective of marketing plan is to create a strategy and goals that ultimately satisfy customer needs. The main part of marketing plan consists of its marketing mix, to satisfy customers the company is to provide quality products with suitable distribution channels i.e Place with competitive and reasonable Price with appropriate Promotion.ProductsProduct is anything that is offered to the market for the attention, acquisition, use and consumption that satisfy the wants and needs of the customer. Kelloggs being the market leader in product innovation by launching new cereals and snacks

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