Sunday, April 21, 2019

The Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance Essay

The Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance - Essay ExampleThe essay The Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance analyzes The Americans with Disabilities Act, adenosine deaminase (1990) which entails civil rights law, which hinders discrimination according to disability. ADA requires the management of organizations to provide appropriate accommodations to the staffs with disabilities. Staffs should be trained on ADA compliance. The training is diverse and ensures that employees with disabilities are comfortable in the function environment. The training should focus on the rights of the employees with disabilities. One right that disabled employees must be given, especially by the management staffs, is promotion opportunities for sufficient individuals including the disabled. The employees must also be trained on flexible work arrangements, so as to effectively accommodate staffs with disabilities. For example, assisting employees to telecommute, and hence, work at home effec tively using telecommunication devices like the internet enabled computers. The work experience of the disabled staffs can be empathetically improved by all employees. The employees should participate in teamwork. Teamwork encourages equal participation, especially during decision making. The disabled staffs, who embrace team spirit, have adequate opportunities for engaging in communication. The disabled staffs should be effectively considered in the succession planning. Succession planning ensures that the disabled staffs are forever equipped with the appropriate skills.

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