Thursday, April 25, 2019

Conscious and subconscious information processing Essay

Conscious and subwitting information processing - Essay Example some(prenominal) analogies have been made to describe the conscious intelligence. One effective metaphor might be the scope. Our conscious listen looks through it and sees a particular object in focus, unaware of the world outside of that telescope lens. Thus consciousness is limited to a small radius, although it serves its purpose. Another metaphor for the conscious heading would be an iceberg. The conscious mind is the tip of the iceberg that extends out of the ocean. The conscious mind perceives the world from information derived from the unconscious below, and from the physical world around it.Subconsciousness literally means beneath the threshold of consciousness, or that part of the mind that lies just below the level of conscious thinking. In the example of the telescope, while the conscious mind is flavor through the small opening, the unconscious is recording the impressions while also searching memory b anks for corroborating information. The subconscious mind acts as a personal secretary who records conscious data and who also retrieves relevant memories from the unconscious mind. It behaves analogous the RAM (random access memory) in a computer. It filters and retains information for the purpose of directing it to its necessary applications. A genuinely active subconscious mind detects patterns to predetermine conscious thinking and behavior. For example, when we are first following how to moil a car, our conscious awareness must be extremely focused in order to learn the skill. Once we have learned how to drive, the conscious mind goes on autopilot, and the subconscious takes over, doing the driving for us.The way the subconscious operates is far different from the way conscious mind works. While the conscious mind is objective, relying on logic and literal thinking, the subconscious is subjective, processing the subliminal and symbolic meaning of words and imagery. Thus it is the subconscious mind that retains feelings and images from

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