Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Management of Human Resources (HRM) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Management of Human Resources (HRM) - Essay ExampleWithout such(prenominal) kind of mechanisms, some managers, as perfect as they are have failed in their utilisations, especially in initiating internal change of an organization and determining appropriate solutions to the problems existing in the HR domain. Examples arise from the U.S firms touching to operate in China and vice versa, which have resulted either in a failure in their external markets or a success to those that effectively managed change in the human resource (Jackson et al, 2012). A manager like any other human resource is a vital and valu adapted asset used to enhance organization surgical operation and success. In other words, the organization believes in the employees section as a strategy to drive innovation, productivity, and sharing price through workforce mobilization towards organization success (humanresourcesexplained.com, n.d.). The HRM therefore performs various functions to ensuring proper policies and programs are developed and administered, according to the designed plan in mind, to enable effective utilization of the human resource, while steering them for individual development into higher performance and hapership positions in future. In general, HRM is a broad scope focused on people in the organizations, and as a designed management system to enable human talents to be used efficiently and effectively in accomplishing organization goals (vmouonline.in, n.d, p.2). HR functions involve decision making in the scope of their activities (e.g HR planning, postulateion, development, rewarding, appraisal, and safety among others), such that the objectives intended for the organization are met, and the HR brings up competent managers and leaders to lead the organization in various fields. Ensuring competent managers are in place The recruitment and selection function of the HR is essential to ensure the right personnel fit for an existing position or able to perform certain tasks required in leadership selected fro the benefit of the benefit of the company. In the recruitment process, HRM is amenable for attracting suitable human resources, availing the job description and candidate specification and bringing a job crack to the attention of the targeted individuals (Kyriakidou, n.d). Hence, candidate with management expertise or those satisfied can apply for the job so that organization invest in their human capital, procure their talents and utilize them in leadership. In selection stage, redbrick organizations use interviews, references, and in advanced cases with the help of Biodata and Psychometric testing (Braton and Gold, 2007). In the end the HRM can acquire managers and employees with the right skills for the job, one wiling to learn new tasks and capable of adapting to the changing conditions and cultures of the organization. One of the HR function is managing and maturation identified talents in organizations. The HR specialist engage in coordinating the new hire orientations, providing training, assertion and in house workshops, and conduct needs assessment based on the employees identified skill sets (Mayhew, 2013). HR can hence determine potential skills based on the pool of employees they manage and decide to select them for advanced training. Different employees have different capabilities and it is the role of HR to tap into and develop the exceptional talents, whether in leadership

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