Saturday, April 20, 2019

Strassfeld Shavuot Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Strassfeld Shavuot - appointee ExampleThe most concrete expression of this imagery is the Sephardic writing of the ketubah between idol and the Jewish throng. The promises of the stableman are to remain loyal to the bride, and carry them in favor. They were to reciprocate this through his love.Because of the peoples eager attitude to view Torah on the morning of Shavuot, people stayed up late at night. Even those who did not stay up arose early in the morning for the shaharit morning service. The rereading of the Ten Commandments in the morning of revelation to the Torah service all over shaharit portrays the interest of the people to hear them. This is different from other events such as the Shabbat or the festival. A system observed during the Shavuot is the shift from the norm culture of carrying the Torah scroll in procession around the synagogue. On this particular proposition day, the scroll passes from one hand to another. Not until everyone touches the scroll, it canno t rest on the reading table.The depiction of idol as the groom and the Israelites as the bride is a form of imagery that shows the actual relationship existing between God and people. The condition of a marriage is for the wife to remain loyal to the husband, who provides her with anything she requires. This in actual sense is what God does to people. His expectations are that people will respect the Ten Commandments, which is a symbol of union in the marriage. subsequently they honor the commands, God then shows unwavering love to His people. Just like a wedding scene, proficient of romantic moments and events, God held Mount Sinai over the Israelites, thus creating the romantic moment in his wedding with the people of

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