Monday, March 25, 2019

Life in Terry Kays To Dance With the White Dog Essay -- To Dance With

Life in Terry Kays To Dance With the White train The voice of Terry Kay relays to his readers a story of life through closing in this short novel, To Dance With the White Dog. This novelist writes the story of an elderly man, latterly widowed and dealing with everyday occurrences while also battling the inevitable personal effects of hoar age. Sam glitter, the elderly main character, tends to get fed up with his overprotective family. During this, Peek begins seeing a white dog that no one else seems to be able to see. Although Peeks family thinks hes losing his mind, in the end the dog turns show up to be very real and even seems to everyone as if it were sent in that respect just to take care of the old man. Throughout this novel, journal entries write by Sam Peek appear for the readers in order for us to get a closer look on exactly who Peek is. Deep emotions for his late wife and son, struggles in his life, his thoughts about White Dog, old memories and e vents from his past, and opinions about each of his children and himself appear through these entries. The touch...

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