Monday, March 18, 2019

Ghost Story of Santa Fe Ghost Trail Essay -- Ghost Stories Urban Lege

Santa Fe Ghost TrailAs I sat down with the cashier in his dorm on a Sunday afternoon non the most appropriate time for ghost storieshe told me this well cognize ghost story from naked Mexico. The vote counter is an 18-year-old male freshman majoring in international relations who is from Bethesda, Maryland. He is biracial with an American father and a Taiwanese mother. Born in California and raised in Colorado, the storyteller is a converted Christian. The teller was in the Boy Sc pop outs, which is where this story comes from theres this re exclusivelyy small highway town in New Mexico called Cimarron, and its small now but in the late nineteenth century it was a bustling crossroads for all sorts of people bullion speculators, ranchers, oilmen, and especially those vagrant characters, like Billy the Kid, seeking refuge from some(prenominal) lawman was on his tail. In Cimarron is this hotel, the Santa Fe Hotel, and they say that this arrange is the most haunted hotel stil l in operation, in the west. The lights flicker on and off, and people, visitors just say they encounter really weird things like if you go in this one room, you might see a woman out of the corner of your eye, sitting on the windowsill and looking out for someone. And when you turn to reflexion her, she disappears, but all of a sudden you smell a discerning waft of strawberry-scented perfume. Weird yet you still not sure if this is truthful? Sounds sketchy, I know. Oh I should say this hotel is haunted because 23 people restrain been shot to death in the hotel, either from a bar-fight or card-game or something. Well I went to stay at the hotel for a night, before I headed on to a nearby Boy Scout camp. I went with my troop, and we all got our own rooms. Guess what room I got the strawbe... ... he brought it back with his swell emphasis and repetition of certain words. For example, he repeatedly imitated the clicking sounds that he experienced. This reenactment draw the attention of the audience and placed the audience in the hotel room that he was sleeping in, therefore made the story scarier. Also, the storyteller narrated in the offset person. Because his personal experience was incorporated into the story, it made the story seem nearer to the audience. An interesting aspect of the story is that it incorporates an actual location and history into a ghost story it is intriguing because the mysterious events occur in an getatable place that people can go and visit. Works CitedSanta Fe hotel echoes with legends. CNN news. Oct 12, 2004. http// social class=475&item=2278226756&rd=1 (Oct 16, 2004).

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