Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Boundary Lines - Gender Through The Prism Of Difference Essay -- sexua

Sexual torture is still not recognized directly by many individuals as an actual offense. Sexual anguish was talked about and was recognized in 1976 but the law making it wicked was not passed until 10 years later in 1986. The law states that it is immoral to harass a person because of their sex. Harassment fire include knowledgeable harassment or unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and opposite oral or physical harassment of a sexual nature. The law doesnt include simple teasing, sm tout ensemble comments or incidents that arent serious. But it becomes culpable when it happens more than once and the severity of the comments makes the clip environment uncomfortable. The problem today is knowing what is actually considered sexual harassment as everyone takes it differently and when comments or jokes are being taken too far. Chapter 36 discusses a try that focused on waitressing as many restaurants fork out an obviously sexualized workplace. The guard says sexual attractiveness and flirtation are often institutionalized move of a waitpersons job description. When applying for jobs many workplaces hire attractive looking women, as they believe it will attract more plenty to their business. I find this to be unfair as men do not have this standard. When men apply for a job they look directly at the individuals skills, not what they look resembling. It used to be state that in addition to popularity and access to their choice of a mate, attractive people tend to receive higher evaluations and salaries than their peers so people would then tire that it would always be an advantage to be an attractive male or female in the workplace. But this is not true in all cases. Newer research shows that being an attractive man was an advan... ... if you are married they will still say inappropriate comments to you, even if they know who your married to, nigh guys just dont care. In the end sexual harassment is not okay, especially in th e workplace. Women shouldnt have to feel like they are just an object at work. Womens confidence can be lowered by receiving sexual harassing comments from men. Men should be honorific during work hours, even joking around about sex during work doesnt seem appropriate if youre working around other people who could hear you. Works CitedGiuffre, Patti A., and Christine L. Williams. Boundary Lines. Gender Through The optical prism Of Difference. 4th ed. New York Oxford UP, 2011. 403-17. Print.Gomez, Evangeline. Should Businesses Worry About Appearance-Based Discrimination in the work? Forbes. Forbes Magazine, 31 Jan. 2012. Web. 02 Dec. 2013.

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