Friday, July 26, 2019

Torts and Product Liability Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Torts and Product Liability - Research Paper Example Chris missed breakfast because they had to leave the house very early in the morning to the airport. After dropping Jim at the airport, the two (Stella and Chris) went to the McDonald’s drive-through for the breakfast. Stella ordered a McBreakfast and Chris her grandson, parked the car so that she could add sugar and cream to her coffee (Buchholtz and Carroll, 2008). She could not add the cream and sugar because there was no flat surface in the car where she could place the coffee cup and get the lid off. As an alternative, she placed the coffee cup between her knees and tried to get the coffee cup lid that way. As she tried to remove the lid, hot coffee spilled onto her lap (Buchholtz and Carroll, 2008). Chris got out of the car to help her; he pulled her sweat suit twisting it as the coffee (170 degrees) burned her inner thigh, buttocks, and groin. She was taken to the hospital and upon arrival at the emergency room; she was confirmed to have sustained third-degree burns. Stella spent a week in the hospital and three weeks at home nursing her injuries with the help of her daughter, Nancy Tiano (Buchholtz and Carroll, 2008). After a while, she was hospitalized again for skin grafts and during that period she lost around 20 pounds and at times she was practically immobilized. Though she was not willing to sue McDonald, her family was of the opinion that she had to be compensated for the out-of-pocket expenses and her daughter’s lost wages for the time she had stayed with her at home (Buchholtz and Carroll, 2008). On May 2005, Pearson took his pants to the Custom Cleaners for alterations. Roy Pearson was at that time the newly appointed Washington, DC administrative law judge. Pearson owned five expensive Hickey Freeman suits which he wore one for every day of the week. The pants had become uncomfortable and thus he took them to the local dry cleaning service (Custom Cleaners).

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