Monday, July 29, 2019

Charles Dickens and Fanny Trollope View on the U.S. regarding class Essay

Charles Dickens and Fanny Trollope View on the U.S. regarding class differences and the status of women and their treatment by m - Essay Example As will be clearly seen in the discussion of the commentaries by the two traveler (both from England) the foreign observers who were present during the twentieth century were had serious criticism of America. The observers were drawn into being more analytical of the American scene due to the fact that the country’s efforts to influence international boundaries were rapidly growing. Right from his first visit to America, Dickens wrote American Notes where he clarifies in the mind of the reader the real picture of life in America in contrast to the life back in the United Kingdom (Dickens’s motherland). As he narrates, the very initial impression that he got were very existing only for quarrels to begin later on in the visit as reality was dawning on her. Dickens expresses the fact that the reception that he was accorded in America was exceptional. This can mainly be drawn from the fact that Dickens had already been an identified English writer with a lot of fame in fore ign travels. Despite the fact that Dickens was a beneficiary of this warm welcome in America that involved recognition from even President John Tyler, he remained to be very critical of the American society. ... This was also pronounced further when Dickens claimed in his American Notes that prisoners wee treated with very much disregard. According to his observations, the prisoners who were mainly poor people were subject to ill-treatment, a fact that led further to the underdevelopment of the poor people. On the other hand, Dickens was very positive with the fact that he was surprised at the fact that America still looked upon Europe as its model of governance and development. This was because Dickens’ analysis revealed that he still had very much regard to America due to the high levels of democracy that existed in the country. This was an aspect about America that Dickens thought was very much lacking in his motherland, England. The fact that democracy was more practiced in America as compared to England, Dickens was of the opinion that the United States of America was a friendlier environment to the women. The fact that every individual member of the society was offered political opinion indicated that women were beneficiaries of fair treatment by the political front (Dickens 80). It is this fair recognition of women from the political front that women were equally treated with equality in the society and offered opportunities that were offered by men. This was an aspect that really got Dickens having his respect and admiration towards the American society continue thriving despite the negative observations that he recorded. From the analysis of the observations that Dickens had in regard to America, it can be concluded that he was rather objective when analyzing the American social structure. The fact that he could admit both the strengths and weaknesses of the American society speaks of how

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