Thursday, July 25, 2019

Performance Improvement Plan for San Francisco Medical Center Essay

Performance Improvement Plan for San Francisco Medical Center - Essay Example Values of the organisation include providing a teamwork atmosphere, education, caring care, excellence and quality, and compassionate. The other values include honesty, integrity, honesty, and ensuring that they work with the community. There are three main values that the medical centre focuses which are stewardship, excellence, and dignity(Lewis, Dirksen, Heitkemper, & Bucher, 2014). In stewardship, the medical centre aims at using the resources available to promote healing and wholeness. It also promotes dignity which is the inherent worth and value of a person. Additionally, it comes up with exceeding expectations through innovation and teamwork. Evidenced-based practice is very important in performance improvement. For an organization to ensure that all the requirements are fulfilled, they must come up with an evidenced based practice. The need for healthcare transformation underscores the need for having an effective, efficient and safe management plan. If a company will achieve its organizational goals, there must be a proper evidence-based practice. The evidence-based practice aims at hardwiring the current knowledge in the nursing sector to improve patient outcomes and care processes. Evidenced based practice promotes the quality of the healthcare services (Williams & Hopper, 2013). Additionally, the evidence-based practice is critical in creating an excellent culture among the staff. The organizational culture greatly determines the success of an organization. One of the objectives of the healthcare is to improve the patient’s functional abilities, thus improving the quality of life (Francis, 2000). Through performing the functional assessment, nurses determine the current level of the healthcare and improve it. The growing need for better health care services promotes the implementation of the evidence-based practice. In San Franco Medical Care, the societal demands involve the

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