Sunday, July 28, 2019

The Geography of South Africa Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

The Geography of South Africa - Assignment Example The rolling grasslands of the Highveld at the central plateau, the bountiful farms and vineyards, the red sandy plains of the Kalahari deserts make the country an abundant land of natural diversity. In addition, the country has some of world’s most renowned wildlife reserves and dozens of national parks as part of its geography. The country’s water resources are mainly sourced by the rivers, Orange and Malibamatso, rising from the mountains of Lesotho Drakensburg. Lying right below the Tropic of Capricorn, the country’s climate varies considerably over different regions. With the sub-tropical belt of high pressure, the country has a dry climate with abundant sunshine. At the same time, as it is surrounded by the oceans in its three sides, the warm and cold currents influence the country’s climate moderately. The arid rainfall, which is often unreliable and unpredictable, is sufficient for the dry land farming in its plains. South Africa is well known for its diversity in ethnic and cultural aspects, with geography playing an influencing role. With a population of more than forty million, the country has different ethnic groups, comprising of black Africans, white Europeans, mixed whites and Asian descendants. Their cultural heritage, languages and religious beliefs are greatly preserved by the majority of the African black inhabitants in the rural areas. Historically speaking, the geographical setting particularly its landscapes and climate played a part in colonialism and the subsequent segregation of people on the basis of race. The country’s resources and vegetation in certain parts have led the people to settle in particular region for meeting their occupational needs. Agriculturists settled in the eastern part of the country which has sufficient rainfall to support farming while the pastoralists settled along the river Orange and the western highlands.

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