Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Discuss the reason why Jimmy Carter was so unpopular with the US Essay

Discuss the reason why Jimmy Carter was so unpopular with the US electorate - Essay Example Besides, he also created a department of energy to conserve energy besides ensuring price controls. His tenure was during the period when Arab countries put oil embargo on US and resultantly a new energy policy was devised to ensure the development of alternative energy sources besides conserving and price controls. He was also a very strong follower of human rights and was the main personality behind the Egypt-Israel peace deal. Despite his achievement, however, during the end of his period, he fell out of the favor of US electorate for different reasons. There are four important incidents which resulted into a gradual decline in his popularity and resultantly he was unable to get elected for the second time. Jimmy Carter was the 39th President of US and served as President of United States of America from 1977 to 1981. Prior to becoming president, he also served as a Senator and Governor of Georgia. His tenure was remarkable for the reasons that he was instrumental behind the creation of department of education and department of energy- two departments which became responsible for education and energy in the country. (Brinkley and Dyer, 2004)Â   Department of Education was formulated in order to standardize the education across the whole country and ensure that each citizen of the State receives same education regardless of the differences in the social and economic standing of the family. Apart from this, the department of energy was formulated to not only device policies for the conservation of the energy but also ensure price controls besides developing the sources for alternative energy. Starting from such a humble beginning, the tenure of Carter may be considered as a mix bag. At one hand he was successful in ensuring peace deals between Egypt and Israel while on the other hand, he was unable to control the damage done by few events at the end of his tenure. He gradually started to lose popularity as

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