Friday, June 14, 2019

Walt Disney Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Walt Disney - Research Paper ExampleHe always had found memories of yesterday that he wanted to liquefy with today in making animated stories. He was the bridge from the past and his love of history to the future as we know it today.He was a open up like never known before. He had one of the most fertile and unique imaginations of his day and of our day. He took what made people dream and made those dreams generate true at a time when it was difficult even to have dreams.Walt Disney was born in 1901 in Chicago, Illinois to Elias Disney an Irish Canadian and his mother Flora direct Disney who was German American. He was one of four boys and 1 girl. His family moved to Marceline Missouri where he grew up. He showed a very early interest in sketching and draftsmanship and his parents encouraged him. He began to sell small sketches to his friends and neighbors when he was about 7. In school, he was very much in trouble because he chose to doodle instead of doing his schoolwork.He h ad family that worked on the railroad and he was able to get summer jobs selling popcorn, soda pop and candy to the travelers. This is where he learned to love railroads and later reinforced the scale railroad for friends and neighbors. He also went to his first movie house in Marceline. He was fascinated. The first movie he saw was the recreation of the crucifixion of Christ. He loved nature and wildlife and often just took long walks. He had a great sense of family like so many that grow up in an agrarian society.Later, his family moved to Kansas City. By this time, he had developed a talent for acting and performing as well as his drawing. He was often known to imitate Charlie Chaplin as an entertainment for his friends. He often snuck out of the house late at night to perform in the local theaters or to tell his friends stories that he had made up.Walt Disney tried to enlist in the service in 1918 but was not allowed to

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