Monday, June 10, 2019

Investigate the employees attitudes and perceptions in an organisation Essay

Investigate the employees placements and perceptions in an organisation to discover how these were related to employees job blessedness and performance - Essay ExampleThese two pitch been set effective indicators of job satisfaction in past studies. By using a survey questionnaire, the author would like to broadside and understand how perception and employee attitude affect job satisfaction and ultimately job performance.In the past, a massive amount of attention has been given to studies involving job satisfaction and employee-related topics. Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, employees and employers alike have both explored opportunities to improve adding conditions and productivity that could lead to higher profitability. The changing times and needs of employers have been subjected to criticism and attention. What employers found move years ago may be different from what motivates them today? Their attitudes and perception could also be different from recent years. Such is why companies find it of the essence(p) to update knowledge and information on subject matter that could improve employee productivity.Happy employees are said to more efficient and productive at work (Durkalski, 2001). They exude a certain aura that also influences others and therefore produces an environment conducive for accomplishing work efficiently. This happiness may be related to job satisfaction and could affect job performance. For this paper, employees attitudes and perception, specifically organizational commitment would be examined and related to job satisfaction. Since job satisfaction is an abstract concept, the author found it beneficial to measure it through absenteeism and turnover ratio of companies. These two have been found effective indicators of job satisfaction in past studies.According to Saari and Judge (2004) different employees have different attitudes. Different people have varying perspectives on their jobs or careers. Even how one may view his or her organization may be different from

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