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Marketing research for Ice pad and Outline the process for gathering Paper

Marketing for Ice pad and Outline the process for gathering data for and explain how you would analyze the inf - Research Paper ExampleYet again, commercialise research support help management decide how beat out to deliver their products to the target market. With many manufacturers producing and marketing a variety of ice pads in the U.S. it is primary(prenominal) for a new entrant in the market such as Ice Pads Limited to commit what kind of products it needs to declare oneself to win a significant part of the market. Ice Pads Limited was established in 2011 and has been a market leader in the supply of ice pads in China. The company sees a great potential in the United States, and particularly in newly York City where winter sports are commonly played. The company targets individuals of each gender who lock up in winter sports such as skating and ice hockey aged amid 16 and 60. The sports are played by people crosswise all socio-economic backgrounds and who have differe nt lifestyles. Although these games are popularly played during the winter season when there is a lot of snow, there are places in New York that have ice courses for playing doneout the year. The major competitors in the New York market include Paragon Sports, New York Golf Center, and Jack Rabbit, all of which raise various ice pads used for sporting purposes. Problem Definition Ice Pads Limited needs to establish the kind of ice pads to offer to the New York market, the best price for the products, and the factors that people consider when buying ice pads for winter sport activities. The organization is a new entrant in the market and needs to offer unique and well priced products to win a significant part of the market within its first year of operations. Objectives 1. To establish what customers like or dislike some the products that are offered in the market currently 2. To establish what needs to be improved in the products offered in the market currently to make them bette r for customers 3. To establish the factors that consumers consider when buying ice pads 4. To establish the appropriate price for ice pads in the New York market Research Methods Data for market research can be drawn from primary or secondary sources according to Wight (2013). During the market research, primary as well as secondary data give be collected. Secondary data will be drawn from the Internet and brochures produced by competitors in the market. Primary data will be collected through a field survey. During the survey, a sample of 50 respondents randomly drawn from New York city will be issued with questionnaires containing about 10 closed terminate questions. Given that the products for which the market research is conducted are mainly bought and used by individuals across all age groups, the sample frame will include individuals of either gender, living in New York City aged between 16 and 60 years interested in and actively engaging in winter sports. In this respect, t he samples will include individuals who have at least taken part in one winter sport at one meter or another in their life. The samples will be drawn from different streets in New York City. The police detectives will draw the samples by randomly approaching individuals between the age of 16 and 60 going about their businesses. The potential respondents will be asked to spare a few minutes of their time and introduced to the research. More specifically, the researcher will introduce themselves before briefing the potential respondent about the study its nature and the objectives of the

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