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Family sociology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Family sociology - Essay ExampleSociological theories and concepts help in providing a concrete base for this understanding of the berth of family life in society. Moreover, analyzing different aspects of family life using different perspectives of sociological themes and concepts help in better understanding of the concept of family ideology and its structural changes in the current society. Even though contemporary society has seen many social changes in the aspect of family ideologies and its contributions to the society, it still occupies a central role in the lives of individuals. Thus, perusing the role of family from the sociological perspective can provide an insight about how a family functions within a society, and helps influencing the lives of the individuals in promoting socialization, economic contribution and cooperation.According to Anthony Giddins (2006), family is specify as a group of persons who are linked directly through blood relationships or marriage, with the adult members assuming responsibility for children and family care. By this definition, family is regarded as a social institution and also the central unit of socialization, which shares values and commitments towards one another. Of all the social institutions, marriage plays a fundamental and vital role in creating a society. Marriage is bound to have preceded society and made it possible by binding together. It is considered to be the basis of social order and improvement, along with providing the honcho support of law, morality, and religion. (Booth, Crouter and Landale 2002, p.48). The extended family was a most common family structure however, it started to decline because of many social and economic factors. Typically, in the 1940s and 1950s, a traditional family structure comprised of a man and woman along with their one or more offspring, and was widespread in the society as an

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