Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Qatar Airways Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Qatar Airways - Research Paper Example Along with that companies differentiated their services based on the consumer demographics and marketing mix. This also helped in changing the overall perspectives for the airlines industry in Qatar. According to the IATA (2010) report, the growth of Middle East airlines industry was more than 10% by the end of June 2009 which was one of the fastest growth rates in the global airlines industry. Some of the reasons of the better performance of the Middle East airlines are their customer focused approach, competitive services that is helping them increasing the customer base. The reduction of prices of premium and luxury services has helped in increase demand of this segment. Some companies have established their names for the high standard services among their customers and competitors. Emirates and Qatar airlines are leading in this area to provide high benchmarking standards for the other competitors. Qatar Airways was established in the year 1993 and started its operations in 1994. The first flight of this airline was 737-200. By the year 2003, the company had 35 aircraft that covered 52 destinations. In the year 2005 the number of aircrafts increased to 52 and by 2010 it is 71 aircrafts. The destinations covered increased to 60 in the year 2005 and 84 in the present scenario. The numbers of people using the Qatar Airways services are more than 120, 000, 000. The company has home offices across the 90 countries in the world including Al-Maha Tower in Qatar (See Appendix Route Map). The organisation has a strong team of 664 pilots. These include 67 Qataris pilots and 80 pilots under training. The current fleet size of 71 aircraft includes 8 B-777-300ERs, 2 B-777-200LRs and others such as A300, A320, A340, A321. Qatar Airways has ongoing orders for 200 more aircrafts and has expansion plan of 110 aircrafts by the year 2013. On Order Fleet are 5 A380, 26 B-777, 60 B-787 and 80 A-350. It is expected that five of the

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