Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Critical Appraisal of a Paper (Hepatitis B and C virus co-infection in Essay

Critical Appraisal of a Paper (Hepatitis B and C virus co-infection in Nigerian patients with HIV infection) - Essay Example The fact that the study population was adopted from the same hospital means that this study was committed to using its own approach, unique from other studies. The authors made a nice conclusion, which is all-inclusive. For instance, they have identified some of the limitations, which are present in their research. This helps the audience of this research to interpret the research findings in the context in which the researchers conducted it. Additionally, they have identified the importance of this study to their hospital, and as it applies to the wider society. This research is a great achievement, especially to the National Hospital in Abuja, Nigeria, considering that this is the first research of its kind to be conducted in this hospital. This will help the doctors and other caregivers to predict outcomes of different cases related with HIV and the two types of Hepatitis. Furthermore, although this research was not conducted in the communities, these findings can still be of help to the people in the grassroots level. This will also help in sensitizing the HIV infected members of the society to test for the different types of Hepatitis, considering the implications they have on HIV patients. This research article is not perfect, but it rates above average. The presentation is well above average, and the clarity is incredible. Additionally, the analysis of the research findings is in-depth, highly insightful, and quite easy to understand. Although this research presentation is quite commendable, there are some important aspects, which were omitted. First, the literature review section is missing. Normally, it is appropriate if a research includes a review of literature. In addition, considering that this was a first research in this field for this hospital, literature review would have helped this research through offering a direction, and predicting expected outcomes of the research. By comparing the works of other authors in the

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