Thursday, August 29, 2019

Economic inequality Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Economic inequality - Essay Example What mainly creates this economic inequality is the fact that most of the people do not utilize their talents, but rather envy other successful people's talents and wish they had the same talents meaning that they are jealous. It is better to be envious than jealous of other people's success because envy comes in two forms: positive and negative envy. If someone is positively envious he/she will work towards achieving the goal the other person has achieved but when a person is negatively envious then he/she will develop jealousy in you. Jealous people wish for others not to have what they cannot have. Since everyone has his or her given talents regarding a certain field then should utilize those talents to become economically satisfied. This proves that the economic inequality comes from the wish of the people who do not want to utilize their given talents and opportunities to become economically satisfied hence creating economic inequality. In the other point of liberty upsets patte rn, imagine that the distribution is favored by one by one of the entitlement concepts and everyone has an equal share of wealth and riches. They would still lose their treasures to some more innovative people. Nozick also argues that no end state principle can be continuously realized without interference with people’s lives. This means that even if resources are distributed fairly people would still redistribute them through exchanging goods for services and giving things to other people for certain favors.

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